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A few things keeping me happy.

It’s been a while since I’ve written something fun, here are some things making me happy this December.

  • Double glazing.

  • Keeping my one plant alive

  • Watching Derry Girls.

  • Letting Fred walk the hood with two chicken bones stuffed in his mouth.

  • Stitching my 15 year old shorts.

  • Looking at my party dress thinking, not yet baby..

  • Putting a curse on burglars.

  • Tossing out the single socks.

  • Going to bed an hour earlier each night, waking an hour earlier each morning.

  • Looking at Facebook before I go to bed. (I mean, OBVIOUSLY)

  • Meeting friends on the corner to exchange books. And avocados.

  • Keeping the coffee shop alive with twice daily cappuccinos.

  • Exploring all the different types of babkas.

  • Learning how to bake babka.

  • Buying wine based on the label. I recommend Asylum.

  • Avoiding my bank account.

  • Counting the oranges on my orange tree. There are seven new ones.

  • Watching nature change.

  • Taking in every sunset.

  • KABOOMING the hadedas.

  • Allowing the carpenter bees to drill homes into my rafters.

  • And telling the people that I love I love them.

Happy Holidays friends. I love you.

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