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I Really Hate My Financial Advisor.

My financial guy was going through my expenses the other day and said:-

“Okay, Sandra. Let me give you some advice.”

I have never been good at taking advice. Especially when I have not asked for it. But if this last year has taught me anything, it has been to take the time to listen, and hear, what people are saying.

Here is some of the advice I have been given over the last week alone:-

Start each morning by reading a book. Five paragraphs, five chapters, it doesn't matter, just start your day with real pages.

Do stuff with intention. When you water the garden, notice the insects. When you walk, notice the steps, or stones, or flowers.

Be completely present in conversations.

Things are so much better when you are aware.

Give yourself a time frame for work. Eek. Stick to it, NO MATTER WHAT. Eek. Switch off the internet, yikes, what, really, yes, just for an hour a day, it will make you feel better.


Say yes to the dress. Okay, not the dress, not in this economy, maybe the tee-shirt, but say yes to the walks and the coffees and the park meet ups. Put yourself out there, distantly and safely, but do it. It’s how you remember people. It’s how they remember you.

It’s how you stay connected.

Also, and this comes from me now:-

  • Read a poem.

  • Try and write one.

  • Have a slice of cake.

  • Don’t have another; you will have regrets.

  • Be kind to the people you walk past.

  • Unless they are cyclists, then you can be rude.

  • Tip your Barista well.

  • Compliment your friends.

  • Steal their lipstick.

  • Do a clothes swap.

  • Shorten all your dresses. (I did this recently, so glad…)

  • Don’t forget to wash behind your ears.

  • It’s okay if your legs are hairy.

  • Remember, people love you.

  • Confess.

What! Confess? I have a confession. It's about my financial advisor.

“Sandra,” he said solemnly. “You’re wasting a lot of money on coffee. At R 30 a day, x 30 days a month x sometimes you have two a day and blah blah boring…”

You do not have to listen to everything your advisor tells you.

But listen to your friends. Be grateful. And every day do five gratitudes.

Today I am grateful for the stars, the moon, the bees, my people and moisturiser. I am also extremely grateful that I have this platform. And I am not switching off the internet, just yet!

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