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The way we do things

This is how it works these days.

On my desk is a brown paper packet with a smiley face that says Sandra. There are two notebooks and a couple of pens inside. I don’t want to open it yet cause I love the packaging. I bought it from, and had it delivered by, a small business, a local supplier.

Next to my kitchen sink are two sexy sanitisers, waiting to be collected. I’ve tied them together with a bit of string, adding a little mint and lavender. I am helping my friend and neighbour sell his wares. There is money in it for him and coffee in it for me.

For every sanitiser I sell, he sends a cappuccino over the wall.

I am drinking a lot of cappuccino.

Local people are supporting us.

Thinking I might be getting sick for the 1275th time this year, I traded whisky for soup. The soup was delicious but of course I am not sick and I really want my whisky back.

Too bad, Sandra, too bad.

Another friend collected granadillas from my garden in exchange for a whole bunch of grapes from her garden. She gave me far too many so the man who stands on the corner has a big bag too. I gave him instructions how to eat them; suck out the inside then spit out the skin.

It’s a childhood thing, one my mom taught me.

I saw he is eating them his way, skin and all and okay, I am not his mother, I guess he can eat them any way he wants.

All is fair in the world of giving and trading.

A book club friend is doing a delivery for me, in exchange I am doing some reading for her. She's written a children's book. I think she is going to be successful.

And on Facebook, instead of posting about what I ate today, or what my beautiful children are doing (they are doing nothing by the way, I am a proud Buddhist mom) I am posting what my friends are good at doing.

  • Michelle S sells stationary.

  • Frederika is a brilliant life coach.

  • Liesa will stage your home for you, and you will sell it for a fortune.

  • Janine will look after all things conveyancing and estates.

  • Ashley has a few gorgeous Air bnbs.

  • Actually, Frederika does too.

  • Gilda makes divine cushion covers.

  • Richard is the local dog walker.

  • And Louise makes a perfect paella.

The paella thing is not a business, I am just hoping that a dish might pop up on my doorstep.

None of us are using any plastic by the way. Or doing any costly advertising. It’s word of mouth or on our WhatsApp or social media groups. It’s all a barter.

And it’s all about supporting local.

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