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Yoga with Adriene, 30 day challenge

Remember when we used to send each other letters? Write something, put thought into the words, sign our name, lick the envelope closed, address, stamp and send it?

Well, I am getting a letter a day.

And while neither stamped nor sealed, it feels remarkably intimate.

This month I signed up for Adriene Mishler’s 30 day yoga challenge. It has been one of the best things I’ve done, not only because of the yoga although the journey is pretty incredible, but because of the beauty and intimacy of the letters that Adriene sends out.

Adriene is 14276 miles away, has 9.16 million subscribers on her Youtube channel, 1 million followers on Instagram and when I tweeted her a thank you, SHE RESPONDED.

She has the ability to reach people, on an individual basis, without knowing them. It’s like she senses what we need and provides it.

A space that is safe, unthreatening, not out of the ordinary in any way, and most importantly, gentle.

The letters Adriene has sent out this January, and we are only halfway, include words like:-

It is an honour and a privilege to welcome you.

Your presence is a gift.

The world needs you feeling your best.

Dive in darling, find something new.

If you fall, I will catch you.

Wherever this letter may find you, I send you my love.

Each letter is thoughtful, pure, and a delight to read. And I have to admit, there are days when I haven’t done the yoga - I will though - but I have read the letters more than once.

They’re beautiful.

They spread kindness.

And sometimes, like on Day 14, they even spread writing prompts.

I’ve taken one of those writing prompts today.


I felt/I am feeling…


And what I am feeling, is an incredible gratefulness to be part of a community. A community literally made up of millions, with a girl and a dog at the helm, with only one aim.

To bring yoga to everyone. To live consciously. To be aware of the present.

And for each individual person to find what feels good, for them.

Thank you, Adriene Mischler.

Friends, it's not too late to sign up. (free video classes / subscription if you can) (no charge) (find what feels good)

Hire me to write for you.

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